Pastoral Council Constitution

Maidstone South R.C. Parish, Parish (Pastoral) Council Constitution

This constitution is based on:

  • Canon 536 of the Code of Canon Law
  • Advice & Guidance formulated by the Chancery of the Catholic Archdiocese of Southwark

1. The main aim of the Parish Council is to provide support, guidance, advice and counsel to the Parish Clergy.

2. The Parish Council will further be responsible for assisting the Parish Clergy to manage and oversee the smooth, efficient, and effective running of the Parish and its activities.

3. Membership of the Parish Council shall be open to all Parishioners of Maidstone South Parish. 

4. Parishioners elected to the Parish Council will undertake responsibility for co-ordinating the activities of a specific committee.

5. The number and nature of the Parish committees will be determined by the Parish Council in consultation with the Parish Clergy.

6. Election to the Parish Council will take place at the Parish Annual General Meeting (AGM).

7. To become a member of the Parish Council a candidate will need to be nominated and seconded to lead a specific committee.  In the case of there being two or more nominations to lead the same committee, a general vote will take place.  The candidate with the majority of votes will be elected.

8. Parish Council Members will serve for two years.  However, retiring members may, if they so wish, offer themselves for re-election as per 7. above.

9. Non-elected members of the Parish Council shall comprise:

    • A Member of the Parish Clergy, who will have the title of President of the Parish Council
    • The Head Teacher of Holy Family School or their Deputy
    • A Member of the Parish Finance Committee
    • Secretary to the Parish Council
    • The Parish Deanery Pastoral Council Representative

It shall be in the ‘gift’ of the Parish Priest / Priest in Charge to make these appointments.

10. The Chair of the Parish Council, and a Vice-Chair, will be chosen by the Parish Council from among the members of the Parish Council, at their first meeting after the AGM.  The Chair and Vice-Chair should not ordinarily hold their respective positions for longer than two years in succession.

11. The Constitution shall be amended only by resolution put to, seconded, and passed by a majority vote, at the AGM.

Voted on and approved at the AGM of Maidstone South R.C. Parish on Sunday 22nd February 2009.

Chair – Chris Sloan                                                                  President – Rev. Peter Growney